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About Us

The Mountain Monthly has been connecting the Kinglake Ranges with vital news and information since 1981.


What began as a double-sided, one page newsletter designed to cover vital community news that was not catered for by outside publications, the Mountain Monthly soon became the ‘go to’ source for news and business information.


Local groups could report on their activities and attract new volunteers and members, while businesses could make themselves known to local residents, who had long distances to travel for basic goods and services.


A small Family and Community Services grant allowed the first expansion, by local volunteers working off a kitchen table. Advertising revenue soon covered the costs and the publication evolved into a not-for-profit community co-operative with a board of directors.

The Mountain Monthly is now a full-gloss production, compiled by using a remote, green-tech, local community model to keep costs low and is moving forward with an online presence.


We are proud to say that Mountain Monthly forms an integral and important component of the district’s contemporary history.

While the publication has continued to evolve to serve the community and surrounding areas, its philosophy and aims have remained the same – to provide effective communication for local groups, individuals, tradespeople and businesses for the benefit of all.



Jane O'Connor

0407 318 648


Ann Friedel Publishing



Neesha Sinclair

0491 200 533


Graphic Designer:

Ann Friedel



Nadia Chevriaut

0447 175 240



Sean O'Connor

Website and Social Media:

Neesh Marketing Solutions 


MM Board of Directors:

Rob Verhagen - Chair

Dr Angela Palmer - Director

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