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Black Saturday 10th Anniversary Guide

As our communities prepare to observe the 10th anniversary of Black Saturday, Mountain Monthly brings residents and visitors the following guide to commemorative events and projects. If you wish to obtain further details of any of the events listed, please contact the appropriate organisers. Additional health and well-being supports are being provided across the anniversary period and are outlined in our guide, along with emergency and crisis numbers. Part of the ‘Respect and Remember’ approach to the anniversary

is to also thank those throughout Australia and the world for the phenomenal outpouring of support and generosity that followed what became regarded as one of the worst natural disasters in the country’s history. As the anniversary approaches, we urge residents and visitors to remain vigilant in regard to any high level emergency fire danger ratings issued on or around event days and times and to follow emergency instructions and act accordingly.

Click here to view our full guide - Black Saturday 10th Anniversary Guide

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